Avarni product update – February 2024

Jason Arraj – Avarni
Jason Arraj – Avarni
Product Manager – Avarni
February 28, 2024
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We're thrilled to bring you the latest updates from Avarni. Thanks to the valuable feedback you’ve been sharing with us, the Avarni platform is undergoing significant improvements and an expansion of our features and capabilities. This month, we're eager to give you a preview of some of the improvements on the horizon. Here's a glimpse of what's ahead:

Enhanced and redesigned data import process

  • Expanded Scope 3 coverage: With the new import wizard, you'll be able to import data across 14 of the 15 Scope 3 GHG Categories (excluding Category 15: Investments). This update broadens the scope of your emissions tracking, providing a more holistic view of your organisation’s emissions.
  • Enhanced clarity and control: We're fine-tuning the import process and the upcoming improvements will ensure a more informed and transparent import and calculation process to give you increased clarity and control over your data.
  • Advanced error flagging: To further enhance the audit-ability and cleanliness of your business activity data, we're introducing additional error flagging tools. These tools are designed to identify and rectify discrepancies in your data import process, enabling direct on-platform corrections without needing to modify source files or restart the import process.

Get started on your supply chain decarbonization journey

If you’re not already using Avarni to manage your carbon emissions, get in touch to see a live product demo and learn how we can help you with your decarbonization goals.

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