Avarni - Turning net zero commitments into reality.

Identify, manage and develop strategies for supply chain carbon emissions with ease.
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Technology designed to work with your supply chain.

Supply chains are notoriously big and complex. Let Avarni Cloud handle all the complexities - regardless of the size of your organisation.
Battery, Brand A
Raw Materials
58kg co2
5.0kg co2
1.0kg co2
1kg co2
20+ more suppliers
54kg co2
Renewable Energy
0kg co2
24kg co2
76kg co2
Battery, Brand B
Raw Materials
58kg co2
7.0kg co2
1.5kg co2
1kg co2
25+ more suppliers
78kg co2
Grid Energy
45kg co2
20kg co2
85kg co2
Complete emissions calculation

Save months of carbon inventory calculation using AI driven automation.

Avarni Cloud completely automates the process of emissions analysis from spend data & activity data, using a proprietary world-first natural language processing AI, certified under the GHG Protocol. Analyse the emissions hotspots in your supply chain no matter what the structure or taxonomy of your input data is, and easily export data for reporting purposes under frameworks such as TCFD, GRI or CDP.
Vendor engagement

Invite suppliers to Avarni to measure & report emissions for free.

Avarni allows you to work with your direct suppliers, plus your suppliers’ suppliers, by inviting them to be part of Avarni's network for free. By allowing suppliers to easily calculate their own emissions from Scope 1-3, and set their own SBTi's, you create a complete picture of your own value chain emissions.

Build scenarios to model & compare future emissions reduction plans.

Model changes in your supply chain emissions over time by considering external factors such as hypothetical vendor SBTi's, or adding parameters for a renewable energy transition in a particular geography, and understand the financial costs under different scenarios by setting carbon prices. Existing vendor SBTi's are automatically included in the BAU scenario.
Research & Analysis

Save hours of research time, with Avarni's AI powered sustainability search engine.

Avarni uses a proprietary web crawler to automatically bring sustainability information about any organisation into one place, such as SBTi's, reported emissions, and key sentences mentioning net zero, ESG, etc. This saves you hundreds of hours of research effort and gets useful information about your vendors, customers & competitors in front of you faster.

A plan to succeed.
Strategy driven by data.

Avarni Cloud means better management and strategic decisions for your organisation. Robust carbon emission management plans and strategies are possible through built-in forecasting tools.‌
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