We can’t improve what we can’t measure

Consumers do not have access to data that will enable them to make better decisions
Businesses struggle to adopt an efficient and reliable tool to kickstart their sustainability journey
Banks lack the foundation and insights to build more meaningful products for the world
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First ever cloud & API service that help companies to trace their carbon footprint, from the start to the very end of their supply chain; and come up with offset solutions quickly.
Keep up with market and compliance demand by speeding up measurement, offset and reporting of every part of the supply chain.
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Get insights on emissions from customers' purchases and investments, with their consent.
Our wide API infrastructure allows us to gather both direct and indirect carbon impact from every transaction.
Breakdown of details from your purchases so you know where to improve
Visual and straightforward reports that gives you comprehensive insights from a quick scan
Gives personalised advice on how to cut down your footprint
Connects to transaction data with your consent, 100% transparent.
Easy access to carbon data with millions of data points within Avarni's API network.
In commercial partnership with top-tier researchers, our network is regularly updated, accurate, and insightful enough to fuel banks' next life-changing products and innovations.
Powering The Next Big Fintech
Our seamless integration helps fintechs easily adopt a product that will enable them to revolutionize the industry. Engage customers with sustainabillity in every transaction. Develop new products with detailed and comprehensive data. The possibilities are endless.
The API-driven strategy allows Avarni to receive various type of input, which helps us to adapt to all business with easy and cost-effective implementation, whether for small startups, or corporations.
Having backed up over 200 fintechs and banks with cutting-edge financial solutions, the partnership with Basiq enables us to help customers make more environmentally conscious choices by connecting to transaction data to offset the carbon footprint in everyday spendings.