Accelerate your journey to net zero with AI-powered emissions management software

Avarni's is designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, including small, mid-market, and enterprise. Identify and measure your carbon emissions, and invite suppliers to add theirs for free. Plus, produce powerful forecasting reports to model future emissions reduction plans.
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Get visibility, transparency, and clarity with Avarni's end-to-end emissions management software

  • Identify Scope 1-3 emissions across your entire value chain using your procurement spend data
  • Reduce the time spent on traditional emissions tracking by 93% and cost by 305%
  • Eliminate the administrative burden of manual reporting and spreadsheets
  • Provide a single source of truth and ensure everyone is on the same page
  • Perform scenario analysis to evaluate and quantify your decarbonisation strategy
  • Make better management and strategic decisions for your organisation
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Automate your decarbonization efforts with data-driven features

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Carbon accounting
Upload procurement spend data and watch as Scope 1-3 emissions are automatically categorised and measured.
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Supplier mobilization
Invite your suppliers to report and measure their carbon emissions in Avarni at no extra cost to you or them.
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Hotspot identification
Easily identify carbon emissions hotspots in your supply chain and collaborate with vendors on reduction targets and strategies.
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Data & reporting
Export emissions data for reporting under frameworks and methodologies such as CDP, GRI, and TCFD.
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Emissions forecasting
Model future emissions and financial costs based on factors such as net zero targets, SBTis and carbon prices.
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Company research
Produce valuable insights on your supply chain with indexed sustainability data on public and private companies.

Produce more comprehensive ESG reports and achieve your net zero targets with Avarni

KPMG Australia ESG report 2023
KPMG Australia's most recent ESG report (Our impact plan 2023) references Avarni as a tool employed by the organisation to enhance supply chain reporting. They have utilised Avarni to facilitate supplier engagement questionnaires and to monitor climate risk within their most emission-intensive supplier segments through a visual dashboard. Moreover, KPMG has utilised Avarni to assess the Scope 3 impact of their coffee supplier, BrewHub.

For more information on how we're working together, see page 37 of the report.
Morrison Hershfield ESG report 2022
Morrison Hershfield’s latest ESG report (2022 Environmental, Social and Governance Report) outlines how they partnered with Avarni for tools and guidance in completing their most comprehensive carbon footprint assessment to date. The report explains that Avarni’s “technology includes capabilities to forecast carbon reduction pathways which will prove important as we formally commit to reducing our carbon footprint with near-term and long-term targets."

For more information on how we're working together, see page 13 of the report.
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Comprehensive emissions calculation

Save months of carbon inventory calculation using AI-driven automation

Avarni's decarbonization software automates the process of Scope 1-3 emissions analysis from procurement spend and activity data, using a natural language processing AI trained on hundreds of billions of dollars worth of data, compliant with the GHG Protocol. Analyze the emissions hotspots in your supply chain no matter what the structure or taxonomy of your input data is, and easily export data for reporting purposes under frameworks such as CDP, GRI and TCFD.
Avarni - Emissions calculation
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Supplier readiness gap analysis

Analyze your SBTi coverage in real time

Assess the coverage of SBTi-validated emissions reduction targets within your supply chain, and search for and pinpoint specific suppliers to instantly determine whether they have established carbon reduction targets. Avarni's decarbonization software platform seamlessly integrates data from SBTi and correlates it with your supply chain spend data, giving you an up-to-date view of your progress.
Avarni - Supplier readiness gap analysis
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Forecasting & initiative planning

Build scenarios to model future emissions reduction plans

Model changes in your supply chain emissions over time by considering external factors such as hypothetical vendor SBTis, or adding parameters for a renewable energy transition in a particular geography, and understand the financial costs under different scenarios by setting carbon prices. Existing vendor SBTis are automatically included in the BAU scenario.
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Supplier mobilization

Invite suppliers to measure & report emissions for free

Work with your direct suppliers, plus your suppliers’ suppliers, by inviting them to be part of Avarni's decarbonization software platform for free. By allowing suppliers to easily calculate their own emissions from Scope 1-3, and set their own SBTis, you can create a complete picture of your own value chain emissions and collaborate on your decarbonisation initiatives.
Avarni - Vendor engagement

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Avarni’s automation software enabled us to easily assemble data that had been previously distributed across multiple spreadsheets and sources, and facilitated a robust analysis of our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Their extensive technical knowledge of the greenhouse gas emissions and reductions space and their technology platform provided excellent insight into our current emissions profile so that we can set meaningful reduction targets for the future.
headshot: Robert Selby
Robert Selby
Chief Technical & Risk Management at Morrison Hershfield
Avarni’s software was easy to use and is supporting us to reach our target of net zero in our supply chain by 2040. Avarni really understood our goal and worked with us to achieve more accurate data from our supply chain. We look forward to building on this partnership.
avatar: City of London
City of London Corporation
Avarni enables us to greatly enhance the speed and quality at which we deliver greenhouse gas emissions insights to our customers. We are excited to work closely with them as a key partner in expanding Earth Finance's Scope 3 decarbonization solution set.
headshot: Garrett Kephart
Garrett Kephart
President at Earth Finance, Inc.
Because of Avarni, we have been able to get a thorough understanding of our impact areas and emissions, not only in our own operations, but also in our supply chain. They have provided cutting-edge and helped Underworks set solid 2030 carbon reduction goals.
headshot: Annelou Ringers
Annelou Ringers
Sustainability Manager at Underworks
Avarni's software is easy to use and very intuitive, upload of data is simple and straightforward, results for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions are shown in a very clear form - and they are always ready to help, have quick meetings, chats and receive and apply feedback.
headshot: Marina Lunardi
Marina Lunardi
Life-cycle Strategy Lead at 5B

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