Frequently asked questions

What does Avarni’s AI actually do?

Avarni’s AI is a machine learning model trained to recognise which emission factors should be mapped to any spend data that it receives, with a high degree of accuracy. This automates what was a previously manual process. Think of it as a virtual analyst that does all the excel work you don’t want to do for you.

How does Avarni keep customer data secure?

All of Avarni’s data is stored on the cloud (AWS) in an ISO 27001 and SOC 2 compliant environment, and is encrypted in transit and at rest. Avarni has also performed penetration testing on its platform, with no medium or high risk vulnerabilities found and sound security practices certified by a third party.

Isn’t the spend based method inaccurate?

The spend based method is the best method for understanding quickly where in your supply chain your focus for supplier enablement should lie. It is not meant to be the be all and end all of supply chain emissions measurement. Once you know which suppliers to focus on, more accurate data must be sourced from them directly, which can be done using Avarni’s Supplier Mobilisation tools.

Does Avarni have transparency over the factors it uses?

Avarni’s calculations completely disclose the emission factors that it uses, including the conversion factors themselves, the year, and source of factors. Avarni is unique in the market of carbon accounting in this way, and many other solutions do not offer this level of transparency. This means that all of Avarni’s calculations are fully auditable and exportable from the platform.

How does Avarni help organizations get away from estimates?

Avarni puts our tools into the hands of your suppliers, enabling them to measure & report their emissions even if they have never done so before. Your suppliers are empowered to take a step further and begin planning reduction initiatives & tracking their own supply chain emissions. This reflects them as a preferred supplier back to you, motivating suppliers to stand out from competition and providing you with more accurate data that you can use to make better decisions on how to decarbonize.

Can Avarni also track Scope 1 & 2 emissions?

Yes – Avarni has capabilities to also track Scope 1 & 2. This is naturally necessary for us to provide to our client’s suppliers so our clients can get a supplier specific footprint (their Scope 3 is their supplier’s scope 1 & 2).

Supplier engagement is offered by many platforms – how is Avarni different?

Most solutions will offer a module that allows you to send questionnaires out to suppliers and source data through their responses. However, suppliers will be no more ready to actually decarbonise after submitting their responses.

Avarni focuses on supplier mobilisation, by giving suppliers a free instance of Avarni that enables them to automate the calculation & reporting of their emissions, engage with their own supply chain, and track reduction initiatives over time that align with the incentives provided by their clients to take action.