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Our supply chain decarbonization platform helps organizations meet their net zero commitments

Decarbonization is impossible without a reduction in carbon emissions within supply chains

Worldwide, organizations bear the responsibility for generating more than two-thirds of Earth's emissions.

Across the globe, investors and consumers are exerting significant pressure on companies to commit to ambitious emissions reduction goals. However, the data reveals that most of these companies lack a clear roadmap for achieving these targets.

The primary challenge stems from the fact that, on average, over 80% of a company's emissions originate within its supply chain, which lies beyond its direct control. The majority of businesses are uncertain about how to initiate the measurement and management of these emissions.

Currently, organizations rely on a multitude of manual processes, workflows, and external consultants to pinpoint and quantify their contribution to climate change. This arduous process can take weeks, if not months, just to establish a baseline of a company's supply chain emissions.

Each day spent laboriously analyzing data on spreadsheets and awaiting emissions reports from suppliers represents a missed opportunity to implement a credible carbon reduction strategy.
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We can't improve what we can't measure

McKinsey’s estimate of the total unpriced climate risks sitting across global capital markets.
of consumers account for traceability and sustainability in their purchasing decisions.
of emissions lie in an organization's supply chain, beyond its direct operational control.

What are Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions?

Avarni: Scope 1, 2, 3 emissions

Scope 1

All direct emissions from the activities under the control of your organisation. Includes fuel combustion on-site such as gas boilers, fleet vehicles and air-conditioning leaks.

Scope 2

Indirect emissions from electricity purchased and used by your organisation. Emissions are created during the production of the energy that is eventually used by the organisation.

Scope 3

All other indirect emissions from the organisation's activities, occurring from sources that it does not own or control. These are usually the greatest share of the carbon footprint, covering emissions associated with supply chain, procurement, business travel, waste and water.

How Avarni helps make net zero a reality

With a highly skilled team of developers, product managers and designers, Avarni's mission is to make the path from net zero commitment to action as short as possible for all organizations, and create an alliance of businesses all working together towards decarbonization.

Driven by AI and the power of a global supplier network, Avarni cuts carbon emissions measurement, hotspot identification, and forecasting from months down to days, so organisations can accelerate their net zero targets.
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Avarni's mission

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To develop a reliable decarbonization platform and suite of tools to trace, measure and forecast Scope 1-3 carbon emissions.
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To empower suppliers with the ability to calculate their emissions and set their own SBTis, to create a full picture of value chain emissions.
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To help changemakers access the data-driven insights they need to enact real change within their organisations and towards a low-carbon future.
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Avarni’s automation software enabled us to easily assemble data that had been previously distributed across multiple spreadsheets and sources, and facilitated a robust analysis of our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Their extensive technical knowledge of the greenhouse gas emissions and reductions space and their technology platform provided excellent insight into our current emissions profile so that we can set meaningful reduction targets for the future.
headshot: Robert Selby
Robert Selby
Chief Technical & Risk Management at Morrison Hershfield
Avarni’s software was easy to use and is supporting us to reach our target of net zero in our supply chain by 2040. Avarni really understood our goal and worked with us to achieve more accurate data from our supply chain. We look forward to building on this partnership.
avatar: City of London
City of London Corporation
Avarni enables us to greatly enhance the speed and quality at which we deliver greenhouse gas emissions insights to our customers. We are excited to work closely with them as a key partner in expanding Earth Finance's Scope 3 decarbonization solution set.
headshot: Garrett Kephart
Garrett Kephart
President at Earth Finance, Inc.
Because of Avarni, we have been able to get a thorough understanding of our impact areas and emissions, not only in our own operations, but also in our supply chain. They have provided cutting-edge and helped Underworks set solid 2030 carbon reduction goals.
headshot: Annelou Ringers
Annelou Ringers
Sustainability Manager at Underworks
Avarni's software is easy to use and very intuitive, upload of data is simple and straightforward, results for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions are shown in a very clear form - and they are always ready to help, have quick meetings, chats and receive and apply feedback.
headshot: Marina Lunardi
Marina Lunardi
Life-cycle Strategy Lead at 5B

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