Cornell Campbell joins Avarni as EMEA Director of Sales

Misha Cajic
Misha Cajic
August 30, 2023
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Avarni celebrates its first on-the-ground United Kingdom hire, Cornell Campbell, as its new EMEA Director of Sales. Cornell brings over a decade of business experience and will work closely with prospective customers, stakeholders and investors to help accelerate their decarbonisation journey and reach net-zero goals.

In Cornell’s previous role as ESG Sales Manager at Sage Earth, an award-winning carbon accounting company in the United Kingdom, he gained skills in analysing accounting data through APIs, and forming strategic alliances with customers to enable enterprises and financial institutions to meet climate requirements with ease.

Avarni co-founder & co-CEO, Misha Cajic, recently sat down with Cornell to learn more about his background and what he’ll bring to the new role at Avarni. Read on to learn more:

Can you tell us a bit about your career?

I kickstarted my career in the technology industry while studying my AAT Accountancy, I worked on commission only terms with a software recruitment consultancy supplying developers to SAP. Like a lot of people starting out in Enterprise Sales, entering this vertical was fast-paced, requiring an ability to overcome obstacles and quickly find and present solutions. I have learnt a lot from consulting with enterprises and international government departments, most notably with cloud-based software solutions across ESG.

I started my career working with technical product start-ups, consultative solutions and value-add services for global enterprises, international government, law enforcement, United Kingdom Central Government, and the public sector. After over a decade working across various positions and verticals, it became clear to me I enjoy serving clients who have an aligned purpose and commitment being conscious to the forever changing environment and society.

Cornell Campbell: Avarni Director of Sales, EMEA

What excites you the most about Avarni?

The product features, professionalism and global mindset embedded into Avarni’s platform are key differentiators to what I’ve seen on the market. Avarni’s innovative AI-driven platform is easy to use for clients and end users.

Avarni is currently in an exciting stage of growth and the remote global team’s dedication to developing the platform around the clock, shows their dedication to the product. The relationships Avarni has quickly built with major global enterprises such as 5B, City of London, Point B, and Schneider Electric, is proof that the platform works and does what it was built to do. I’m keen to contribute and  support Avarni with its growth by developing and executing a go-to-market strategy for EMEA.

What are your top priorities as Director of Sales, EMEA?

As EMEA Director of Sales at Avarni, my main priority is engaging with customers, partners and stakeholders to embed  Avarni into the European market. This involves building relationships and positioning Avarni as a trusted carbon accounting partner locally. 

An equally important priority is the expansion of Avarni's EMEA sales function to strongly position the platform in the enterprise market. By harnessing Avarni’s unique data set and AI capabilities, we will aim to reduce the complexities of calculating supply chain emissions. With Avarni’s bespoke vendor engagement tool, this will not only improve value chain adoption, but also encourage sustainable procurement. The end goal being to enhance visibility of the overarching journey to achieve Net Zero goals. 

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at Avarni?

I enjoy spending time with my wife and three children, whether it's at the beach, or in the countryside. When I’m not spending time with my family, I am a big Formula 1 fan and motorsports in general. In addition to my personal interests, I spend a lot of my free time working on small side projects with friends, finding opportunities to invest in;  property, trading stocks, cars or luxury watches. 

When it isn’t business-related, you’ll often find me tinkering with one of my BMW M cars, attending car shows, and road trips. My daily exercise efforts consist of weight training, cycling and boxing.  I am also an avid reader when I find the time to relax. 

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