Avarni product update – June 2024

Jason Arraj
Jason Arraj
Product Manager, Avarni
June 27, 2024
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We are thrilled to bring you the latest improvements to the Avarni platform. This month, we're excited to bring you significant updates, particularly focused on improving and adding new features to our V2 platform.

Forecasting on V2 - Analyze the impact of different initiatives

We’ve made significant upgrades to our forecasting feature, now live on Avarni V2, that gives you the tools to analyze the impact of different carbon reduction initiatives. These improvements include:

  • Lightning-fast performance: Handle larger datasets with ease and experience faster performance compared to V1.
  • Cloning and showing/hiding scenarios: Build scenarios from existing ones and declutter graphs by showing or hiding specific scenarios.
  • Scenario descriptions: Add detailed descriptions to your scenarios for better context and understanding.

Region-based factor mappings

Introducing an innovative feature to to improve the accuracy of supply chain mappings and calculations and reduce the time spent reviewing factor mappings:

  • Automatic region matching: When a country in your uploaded data doesn’t have a match in the factor database, Avarni will automatically match that country to an appropriate region in the database (e.g., Mongolia to Asia).
  • Granular location-based calculations: An additional “Location/Address” field has been introduced to the import process. Input specific addresses during your import to get more precise factors for regions smaller than a country, like “New South Wales,” improving the accuracy of Scope 2 calculations.

Introducing audit logs

Maintain a robust audit trail for comprehensive change tracking with our new audit logging feature:

  • Detailed audit logs: Any changes made in the Emissions Hub are now automatically record, including the time and user who made the change. View these logs by clicking the three dots on an activity row and selecting “Logs.” This feature is perfect for auditors to see the data review process directly in Avarni.

Re-introducing sub-organizations

Now available on Avarni V2, the sub-organizations feature works just like in V1:

  • Reporting hierarchies: Easily create and manage reporting hierarchies within your organization to streamline data management and reporting.

Accelerate your sustainability consulting business with Avarni

Deliver greater value to your clients by efficiently calculating and managing carbon emissions using Avarni. Get in touch to see a live product demo and discover how Avarni can streamline emissions calculations, ensure accurate and auditable results, helping your clients achieve their sustainability goals faster.

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These updates are part of our journey towards continuous improvement to support your sustainability goals. For an in-depth look at how far we've come, we invite you to explore our past enhancements on our Blog.

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