Avarni product update – May 2024

Jason Arraj
Jason Arraj
Product Manager – Avarni
May 31, 2024
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We’re excited to share the latest updates and improvements to the Avarni platform from the past month. Our team has been diligently working to enhance your experience using Avarni, making it more efficient and effective for managing your carbon emissions. Here’s what’s new:

Improved on-platform support

  • User guides and support requests: We’ve enhanced our on-platform support to make it easier for you to find the help you need. You can now click the “?” icon in the top-right corner of Avarni to access and search through our user guides directly within the platform, or create support tickets for any assistance you need, ensuring you get timely help and information.

Optimizations to the Emissions Hub

  • Improved performance and loading speeds: We have optimized the Emissions Hub to handle even larger amounts of data more efficiently. You’ll notice faster performance and reduced loading times, allowing you to work more seamlessly with extensive datasets.

Enhanced navigation in the Emissions Hub

  • Drill up/down functionality: You can now drill up or down between groupings without being taken to the top of the table. This improvement enhances efficiency during the emission factor review process, making it easier to navigate and analyze your data.

Minor bug fixes and platform improvements

  • General enhancements: We’ve addressed various minor bugs and made several improvements to ensure a smoother and more reliable user experience across the platform.
  • Improved user interface throughout the platform: We've made minor improvements to address UI bugs and inconsistencies throughout the platform.

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These updates are part of our journey towards continuous improvement to support your sustainability goals. For an in-depth look at how far we've come, we invite you to explore our past enhancements on our blog.

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