Avarni and the City of London Corporation partner to accelerate net zero targets

Leveraging Avarni will enable the City of London Corporation to model and forecast future emissions scenarios, without passing on cost.

SYDNEY, Australia: March 30, 2023 Avarni is pleased to announce its partnership with the City of London Corporation in its pursuit of net-zero emissions across its value chain by 2040. The City of London Corporation has identified purchased goods and services as its third-largest category of emissions, also known as Scope 3 emissions, and has taken action to procure sustainably in its buying, selling, investing, and leasing practices.

To support this initiative, Avarni will onboard the City Corporation's top 25 carbon-intensive suppliers (excluding construction) onto the Avarni platform for free. The platform will provide a carbon reporting tool to help the City Corporation model and forecast future emissions scenarios, without passing on any cost. The City Corporation anticipates that moving away from spend-based data to actual reported emissions will show a reduction in reportable carbon emissions.

The Purchased Goods and Services program encourages suppliers to switch to electric vehicles and promotes "green" options in catalogues by adding visual cues and specific catalogues that include items made from recycled content, recyclable or plant-based/biodegradable materials.

Tony Yammine, Avarni CEO and Co-Founder, expressed his excitement about Avarni's contribution to the City Corporation's decarbonisation efforts. "We are delighted to provide a robust carbon management platform to the City Corporation. Avarni is the right solution to help the City Corporation measure, forecast, and reduce its Scope 3 footprint, ultimately achieving value chain decarbonisation."

For more information see: City of London Corporation — Decarbonising our purchased goods and services.

About Avarni

Avarni is a carbon emissions management platform that helps organisations move from net zero commitment to action as quickly as possible. Driven by AI and the power of a global supplier network, Avarni improves measurement, hotspot identification, and planning, to help companies quickly understand and address their emissions exposure. Avarni has analysed more than $300b in corporate spending data and 150 million tons of CO2e in supply chains.


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