Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM) partners with Avarni

Misha Cajic
Misha Cajic
September 11, 2023
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TEM (Tasman Environmental Markets), among the largest suppliers of voluntary carbon offset solutions in APAC, is helping Avarni’s customers to make offsetting Scope 3 emissions easier. 

TEM’s Head of Digital Solutions, Brett Giddings, sat down with our team to discuss why TEM is keen to work with Avarni as a carbon industry partner. Read on below to learn more:

What attracted you to Avarni?

Fundamentally, TEM supports organisations’ decarbonisation strategies by providing high-quality carbon offsets. To do so, we rely on businesses having a complete and accurate carbon emissions profile.

We had heard Avarni’s name several times in discussions with businesses looking to identify and measure their Scope 3 emissions and were particularly drawn to Avarni’s AI-driven approach to carbon emissions management and the reporting burden it reduces. These features align well with TEM's focus on using technology to make taking action on climate change simpler and more tangible.

We’ve been excited to learn more about Avarni’s digital integration capabilities and comprehensive data analysis. In addition to providing high-integrity carbon offset solutions for our customers, we’re heavily focused on implementing technology solutions, from e-cookstoves to TEM Online, to our digital carbon offset marketplace.

Brett Giddings, TEM

Was interest from customers in Scope 3 emissions management increasing?

The need for companies to assess, analyse and address their Scope 3 emissions profile has grown rapidly in the last few years, and will only continue to accelerate. Many business leaders are now quite aware of how large their Scope 3 emissions profile is, often larger than Scopes 1 and 2. They need a strategy to manage this footprint in a way that makes sense.

Rather than dictating how their supply chain should behave, we’re seeing brands look to work with their partners and suppliers to manage these emissions collectively. By gaining visibility into their supply chain through a product like Avarni, companies can get on the front foot by working in tandem with their suppliers to evolve operations and decarbonise.

What are your goals for the partnership in the long term? 

Put simply, we need every business to properly measure and manage all of their emissions. I’m inspired by Avarni’s focus on making Scope 3 emissions measurement a business-as-usual process. It would be great to see more businesses, including our customers, adopt Avarni’s AI integrations to improve accuracy and ease. TEM’s broader goal is to make sure that every business across the APAC region has access to high-quality carbon offsets that have a real and lasting impact. We’re excited to work with Avarni’s customers to deliver that impact.

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