Webinar recording: City of London’s net zero supply chain journey

Angela Thompson
Angela Thompson
October 23, 2023
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Last week, we hosted an engaging and informative webinar where we delved into the crucial realm of sustainability and emissions management. The webinar highlighted the significance of Scope 1-3 emissions, the pivotal role of city councils in driving emission reduction through supply chain mobilisation, and a case study featuring the City of London Corporation's success in engaging its 25 top suppliers and automating its carbon management.

Scroll down to view more information about the webinar, or watch the recording here:

Webinar recording from 19-Oct-2023

Webinar information


Webinar highlights

  1. Understanding Scope 1-3 emissions: Gain a comprehensive understanding of Scope 1-3 emissions and their far-reaching impact on the environment. Learn about the varying scopes and the implications they have on sustainability strategies.
  2. Mobilising supply chains for emission reduction: Discover why it's imperative for councils to take the lead in mobilising their supply chains for emission reduction. Learn how this strategic approach can result in more accurate emission measurement, enhanced sustainability performance, and a positive ripple effect across industries.
  3. City of London Corporation's transformation: Get an exclusive glimpse into the remarkable journey of the City of London Corporation as they harnessed the power of Avarni's carbon management platform to automate carbon management and collaborate with their top 25 suppliers. Learn about the challenges they overcame, strategies they implemented, and the impressive results they achieved.
  4. City of London supplier case study / interview: Develop an insight in how the City of London is utilising Avarni to empower its suppliers with the Avarni carbon management capabilities. Learn how suppliers utilised Avarni to meet the City of London’s sustainability requirements and accelerate sustainability within their own organisation.
  5. Fireside Q&A session: Engage in an interactive Q&A session featuring experts from the City of London Corporation and Avarni. Deepen your understanding, seek insights, and uncover strategies for effective emission reduction and sustainable supply chain management.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the webinar

Thank you to David and Kristina for putting together such an informative webinar, and to everyone to attended and participated by asking great questions and sharing valuable insights during the Q&A period.

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