Avarni product update – November 2023

Misha Cajic
Misha Cajic
November 30, 2023
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This month at Avarni was all about supplier mobilization updates — enabling your suppliers to have the tools they need to track and manage their emissions and decarbonize, and allowing you to have the most accurate, up to date data from your suppliers to understand how you can help them decarbonize. This includes:

New supplier mobilization module

Manage suppliers in cohorts, invite them to Avarni, track their emissions, send data requests, and build supplier specific factors all in one place — giving your suppliers the tools they need to easily manage and report their emissions to you, and you the tools you need to transition away from proxy, estimated data to actual, supplier specific data.

New questionnaire builder

Users can now build questionnaires to send out to suppliers in a new, more intuitive user interface, including default question templates, copying templates, and seeing a preview of what the supplier will see when they receive the questionnaire.

Attachments on questionnaires

Suppliers are now able to submit supporting documentation & files, securely accessible by the procurement manager, so that they can have more confidence in the data suppliers are submitting.

Un-convert spend uploads

You may now un-convert spend uploads from emissions entries, allowing you to return to the review screen and make more edits to your data to edit your emissions analysis.

GWP calculations upgrade

We have upgraded the GWP on calculations on Avarni from AR4 to AR5, using the latest calculation standards.

Emissions hub enhancements

Explore new filters on the emissions hub, as well as filter and sorting persistence, allowing you to bookmark a filtered view of the emissions hub and come back to it immediately later without applying the filters again.

Get started on your supply chain decarbonization journey

If you’re not already using Avarni to manage your carbon emissions, get in touch to see a live product demo and learn how we can help you with your decarbonization goals.

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